That Being Said, When it Comes to Consulting and Coaching, I Live in a World of More Than One Right Answer.

After hearing me speak, some people run with what they get from the presentation and make things happen on their own. Great!

Some people ask me to help them drill down, go deeper and apply some or all of it to their specific situation. Also great!

If the latter might be you, I have several ways we can work together, from a pick-my-brain Pinpoint Session to creating a day-long retreat, customized workshop or series of coaching calls.

On occasion I will even wrangle my favorite creative team members together, recommend a marketing action plan and then hand craft the anything-but-blah marketing materials and elements you need to get the results you’re after.

Here’s my favorite way to take clients a long way in a short amount of time.

The Pinpoint Session: The Painless, Productive Way to Pick My Brain

Perhaps it was something I said, or something I wrote. It struck a nerve, sparked an idea, made you pause or even panic. You were up all night re-working the way you talk about your business, re-writing that presentation, or re-thinking your marketing plan. Or maybe you just came away with a fresh perspective and want some help applying it to your specific situation.

Whatever your scenario might be, you don’t want to spend a boatload of money on a package of consulting hours, nor do you want a step-by-step self-help tutorial. You do want feedback, ideas, action items, next steps, expertise and maybe even some thinking out loud and word-smithing, too.

Great! Here’s how a Pinpoint Session works.

  • After we agree that I can be of service, we schedule a 90-minute phone, video or website conference call.
  • You drive the agenda or Q&A. In fact, you send it/them to me prior to our appointment, so that I know what we’re going to talk about, and so I can do some advance preparation or assign you some.
  • During our session, I will address your concerns, issues, opportunities, challenges, questions and what not.
  • I will help you focus, set priorities, bring order to chaos, reshape a message, decide the right mix of marketing activities, improve your materials, eliminate fluff, revise a layout, tell you if something (including you) makes sense, tighten up or even rehearse a presentation—I think you get the idea.
  • I record our session and send it to you as an MP3 file for your listening and re-listening pleasure. That way we don’t find ourselves on a creative roll and then suddenly side tracked by one or the other of us hollering, “That’s it! What you said before! What did you say? You know, right before you said what you just said?” It’s all on the recording.
How much? The fee for a Pinpoint Session is $365 payable in American dollars or by credit card, on or before our scheduled session.

Yes or No, When it Comes to Fit, Both Answers are Right

If you’d like to explore whether or not there’s a fit for any of the aforementioned ways we could work together (or some other way you have in mind), I’d enjoy having that conversation.

Conversation. No sales pitch. Honest. Here’s how that’ll go.

We’ll do a little small talk, because it’s nice. And then I’ll listen to you sigh over your situation. Just a little. I’ll empathize, because in most cases, I completely understand where you are and how that feels.

Or, perhaps, like me, you hail from the “you don’t have to be sick to get better” school of thought. If so, you can brag a little and tell me how you want to take whatever it is up a notch. Good to great, rock star status and such. I love that, too.

Either way, we’ll segue neatly into talking about your current situation and how you’d like to see it change. Every client is different and has different needs, wants, wish-lists, must-haves, don’t-go-there’s, sacred cows and hidden land mines. That’s why I’ll ask a few questions to find out exactly what’s important to you and/or your team.

Why? Because I mean it when I say we are exploring whether or not there’s a fit. I’m not a “pull-the-string” speaker who dusts off the stuff she tells all her clients. Nor am I one of those “look-at-your-watch-and-tell-you-what-time-it-is” consultants or presentation coaches.

Based on your answers and our conversation, we’ll know pretty quickly if and how I can be of help. Maybe there is a fit, or maybe there’s not.

Like the subhead says, in my world, both are right answers.

Call (714) 894-0423 or tell me your short story in an email, and we’ll connect later.