Effective Communication Quotes (And What I Have to Say About Them)

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I confess. I was about to throw together this month’s blog post by merely listing a bunch of inspiring quotations around better marketing, effective communication and presentation skills. Easy. Won’t take me but a little cut and paste time. Color me done. (And on target with the promise I made on my Will Do list to post… Read more »

Can You Give People the Only Two Reasons They Need to Hire or Buy from You?

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People have the same two reasons for everything they do. They are: 1. The real reason. 2. The reason that sounds good. The real reason is emotional, based on feelings. The reason that “sounds good” is full of facts and logic, used to justify the decision. That’s why, in a logic-versus-emotion smack-down, emotion wins. Every… Read more »

Three parts every new business pitch needs to prevent chaos

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Congratulations! You or your firm made it to the short list. It’s between you and who-knows-how-many other folks who do the voodoo you do. Woo-hoo! Let the fun begin. Or maybe not? You may have anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to give your presentation. Ugh. How do you convince anyone of anything in… Read more »

The Worst (and Best) Way to Close a Presentation or Pitch

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“Are there any questions?” That’s how most people close a presentation, pitch or meeting. It’s seems perfectly natural. If there was something that wasn’t quite clear, the Q&A is the perfect time for you to clarify. You don’t want to leave them confused. No way, not you. Or,  perhaps a question might spark more discussion…. Read more »

What’s the point?

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We’ve all been there. You’ve suffered through a meeting or presentation where a rambling, all-over-the-place, disjointed, thinking-out-loud, more-likely-than-not rushed person tries to tell, sell or convince of you something. And ‘fess up, you’ve done it yourself to others when making presentations. As I mentioned last month, the universal problem when it comes to so-called presentation… Read more »