Funny Website Names

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CAUTION:  This post is rated PG-13. I am a big fan of using initial caps when typing or printing a website url because it just makes it so much easier for the reader to “get it.” That’s why I always use for my consulting and workshop site or for my speaking site. Wait… Read more »

Fun with Funny Words

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Dave Barton, my friend and former co-worker from the City of Long Beach, CA (we’re talkin’ the Way-Back Machine here), sent me the The Washington Post’s Mensa Invitational results because he knows how much I love to laugh and how much I love word play.  A playful sort himself, Dave once duct-taped another co-worker friend… Read more »

Ask Yourself These Strategy-Starter Questions

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Now that you’re looking at people instead of products or profit centers, (see “What’s in Your Bucket:  Products or People” post) here are some questions to spark some strategic marketing, advertising, promotion and communication activities: Current Customers/Clients Objective = Retain How can you, your product or service: •    Become a more important part of their… Read more »

Langhans, Twitters and Blogs—Oh My!

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Making sense of my own multi-media messages: Before I can expect any of you to read, subscribe or RSS feed my stuff, I figure I should walk my own marketing talk and bring some order to what might otherwise be considered the chaos we call social media. Here’s how I’m figuring it will shake out…. Read more »