Super Bowl™ Commercials: How to Watch Them and What You Can Learn (and Use) for Your Own Marketing

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I love to watch Super Bowl™ commercials. (Who doesn’t?) More specifically, however, I love to watch people watching Super Bowl™ commercials. I also like to watch people not watch them and figure out why. Try it yourself this Sunday. You can learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effective marketing–including your own effective… Read more »

The Unique Selling Proposition: You Are One of a Kind.

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  I spoke in New York City last month and made time to visit the National September 11 Museum. I braced myself for an emotional morning, knowing there would be exhibits I might choose not to experience. (Thankfully, they are clearly identified as such.) I did not expect to find motivation for a newsletter/blog post… Read more »

How to Market More Like Nike (Without the Shoes or Their Budget)

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Nike used to advertise and market like every one else out there. The way many people still do. Show the product. Make it big. The more bullet pointed features the better. In the late 1970’s, Nike regularly advertised its latest, greatest shoe in much the same way, on the back cover of Runner’s World magazine. Until… Read more »

How Do You Make Decisions? (And Why It Matters)

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When my three kids were young, Toys R Us was one of their favorite outings. Not so much for me. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoyed being in on the big reward for saving up their allowance and redeeming Grandpa and Grandma’s gift certificates. (They didn’t have gift cards back then.) The not-so-much-fun part was running… Read more »

Four Basic Things Your Message Must Do (If You Want to Get Results)

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Dallas Cowboys Coach Tom Landry began football camp every year by holding up a football and saying, “Gentlemen, this is a football.” Celebrated UCLA basketball coach John Wooden’s first lesson for new players each year was teaching them precisely and specifically how to put on their socks and tie their shoes. “Wrinkles cause blisters. Blisters… Read more »

Can You Give People the Only Two Reasons They Need to Hire or Buy from You?

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People have the same two reasons for everything they do. They are: 1. The real reason. 2. The reason that sounds good. The real reason is emotional, based on feelings. The reason that “sounds good” is full of facts and logic, used to justify the decision. That’s why, in a logic-versus-emotion smack-down, emotion wins. Every… Read more »

Three parts every new business pitch needs to prevent chaos

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Congratulations! You or your firm made it to the short list. It’s between you and who-knows-how-many other folks who do the voodoo you do. Woo-hoo! Let the fun begin. Or maybe not? You may have anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to give your presentation. Ugh. How do you convince anyone of anything in… Read more »

How To Give Facts and Logic the Power to Prove Your Point

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Don’t get me wrong. Despite my rants about the power of emotion, I don’t hate facts and logic. Facts, studies, numbers, step-by-step logical explanations and reasons are the go-to, default tool we all use whenever we need to support a recommendation, make a point, justify a decision, sell an idea. Facts are my friends, honest…. Read more »

The Worst (and Best) Way to Close a Presentation or Pitch

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“Are there any questions?” That’s how most people close a presentation, pitch or meeting. It’s seems perfectly natural. If there was something that wasn’t quite clear, the Q&A is the perfect time for you to clarify. You don’t want to leave them confused. No way, not you. Or,  perhaps a question might spark more discussion…. Read more »

Benchmarks are better than resolutions, and get better results.

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Just days after New Year’s, my daughter and I were talking about making and breaking resolutions. She said hers would be easy to keep. She wanted to cook-in more. Kelsey is in her last semester of graduate school and races between school, internship, work and the gym, eating or munching on the run, or standing… Read more »