The Importance of Body Language: Stop Spreading This Myth Information

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The importance of body language (aka non-verbal communication) has been over rated and misunderstood long enough. The bunk stops here. I’m referring to the oft-cited study that says communication is 93% non-verbal and 7% verbal. Some studies dissect the math and give the importance of body language 55% with tone of voice accounting for 38%…. Read more »

Super Bowl™ Commercials: How to Watch Them and What You Can Learn (and Use) for Your Own Marketing

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I love to watch Super Bowl™ commercials. (Who doesn’t?) More specifically, however, I love to watch people watching Super Bowl™ commercials. I also like to watch people not watch them and figure out why. Try it yourself this Sunday. You can learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effective marketing–including your own effective… Read more »

The Unique Selling Proposition: You Are One of a Kind.

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  I spoke in New York City last month and made time to visit the National September 11 Museum. I braced myself for an emotional morning, knowing there would be exhibits I might choose not to experience. (Thankfully, they are clearly identified as such.) I did not expect to find motivation for a newsletter/blog post… Read more »

How to Market More Like Nike (Without the Shoes or Their Budget)

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Nike used to advertise and market like every one else out there. The way many people still do. Show the product. Make it big. The more bullet pointed features the better. In the late 1970’s, Nike regularly advertised its latest, greatest shoe in much the same way, on the back cover of Runner’s World magazine. Until… Read more »

Effective Communication Quotes (And What I Have to Say About Them)

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I confess. I was about to throw together this month’s blog post by merely listing a bunch of inspiring quotations around better marketing, effective communication and presentation skills. Easy. Won’t take me but a little cut and paste time. Color me done. (And on target with the promise I made on my Will Do list to post… Read more »