Help Them Hire You! Free Sales Presentation Skills eBook

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the short list. Let the fun begin. Or maybe not?

Whether you call it a client interview, a new business pitch, shoot out or bake off, it all boils down to a make-or-break, do-or-die sales presentation that either wins you the work, or not.

Help Them Hire You! Client Interviews that Set Your Firm Apart, Win More Work and Won’t Make You Crazy in the Process is  ideal for AEC firms who want their people to be clear, confident and convincing—without stretching anyone’s comfort zone to the breaking point.

This free eBook shows you how to use the right mix of facts, logic, emotion and feeling to influence choice in your favor. It’s packed with simple strategies and tangible tools you can use right away (and over and over) to:

  • Simplify the process of creating your sales presentation so that you can reduce stress, frustration and late nights working yourself and your team to a frazzle.
  • Decide the right mix of information to include in your presentation, based on who’s presenting and who’s making the decision, so that your message has maximum impact and influence on getting your firm hired.
  • Bring out the best in your presentation team so they can be both comfortable and convincing without sacrificing their genuine selves.
  • Understand and use the power of emotion to create a competitive advantage that sets you apart the way nothing else can—and in a way no one else can copy or imitate.
  • Get buy-in up and down the ranks for this new, balanced approach and repeatable process so that you win more work on a regular basis… with the clients and projects you want and love to work with.HelpThemHireYouEbook AEC Marketing

Click the book cover image to download your free eBook now.

And if you’ d like to explore whether or how I might be of further help with presentation skills training or presentation coaching, I’d enjoy having that conversation. Make a note in the form, or give me a call. (714) 894-0423 finds me anywhere.

P.SHelp Them Hire You! is now included as a bonus resource in the SMPS Business Development Workshop resource binder.

When my boss got up to speak right after I did in the big meeting, he said, “Wow! There’s a hard act to follow.” My nervous, Katherine Hepburn imitation never surfaced, thanks to you.

Donna Halker, Executive (Retired)

Program Manager

The last two days have been great. Terri’s voice is a cool breath of fresh air that cleared our heads and armed us with renewed confidence. The viewpoint, approach and tools Terri shared with us will help now and guide us in the future.

Steve Mailin, Partner

Traenor Architects

You made me money this week! We used to get maybe 20 to 40% of prospects to respond. We tried what you told us that same afternoon, and out of 27 calls, 26 said “Yes!” The next day I used what you told us and closed a big contract. We are on fire!

Jonathan Dunlow

Bizport Printing